Data & Telephone
CCTV & Satellite
Residential Structured Wiring
Whole House Audio
Residential Structured Wiring brings together the most exciting integration of all media in your home into one panel. This style of wiring your home allows you a great deal of flexibility in deciding how you want the technology in your home to match your lifestyle. This approach integrates satellite television, home audio, residential CCTV, home networking, and telecom all in one neat package.

What homeowner concerns does structured wiring address?

Information Highway Ready-

One in 3 homes in the US use the Internet
90% of homes cannot access current services

Functional Home Office/education Center

80% of new homebuyers want home office space
Current wiring practices will not support high speed phone lines, multiple phone lines, and other information services

Choice of Entertainment Services

New homeowners want access to digital entertainment services such as DSS
Homebuyers don't want to rewire to accommodate these services

In-home computer networks

50% of households have at least 1 computer
Instant access to ultra high speed Internet services
Share devices such as printers, modems and disk drives

Enhanced Resale Value