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Residential CCTV is quickly becoming an integrated part of home security. Holder can even integrate your cameras into your television for monitoring with picture in picture, or as a stand alone channel. Holder Security also carries a full line of multiplexers and video recorders to compliment your residential CCTV system.

Answer the front door and know who you are talking to with the Aiphone door phone system. Holder offers the Aiphone door phone in single or multiple remote stations for your convenience. With the addition of door strikes, the home-owner can open the protected door remotely from the door phone.

  • 1x1 system -- One video door station, One master monitor, vertical adjustment of camera, door release
  • 1x3 system -- One video door station, up to 3 inside stations. Tilt control for camera, door release
  • 3x5 system -- up to 3 video door stations, up to 5 inside stations, door release for selected doors with adapter, all call, tilt control for camera

Record images from video door stations with the Aiphone KC32EU. The Picture Memory Unit saves up to 60 single pictures for replay.

Holder offers a wide variety of cameras in stylish low profile mounts from manufacturers like Pelco, Panasonic, GBC, Silent Witness, and Sony. We work to design a systems that integrate into the design of your home while offering you a great view of areas of concern.

Pelco Integrated Camera Systems:

  • Fully integrated Enclosures with camera, lens, and mount
  • Versatile, low profile systems
  • Rugged, Impact/vandal-resistant cast aluminum
  • Tamper-resistant hardware with concealed cable
  • 12 or 24 volt operation
  • Low temperature operation
  • Convenience, Simplicity, Attractive Design