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The Lynx wireless residential control is ideal for homes, town-homes and apartments. This all-in-one system is a wireless system that integrates the following features:

  • Full 16 button keypad
  • Easy to read LCD display
  • 24 wireless zones available
  • Supports 4 wireless touch-pads
  • Full voice response
  • Family message center with voice recording and playback
  • Single button operation and paging
  • Built-in X-10 home automation capability, add modules to turn on lights, appliances and more
  • Real time clock for home automation features
  • Chime features that tell you the location of opened entrances and exit points
  • Eight User Codes
  • Built-in two-way voice system
  • Speaker phone operation
  • Remote phone control

    When you purchase a Holder Security Residential security system, you OWN the system!
    It becomes a real value in your home, something that will protect you while you own your home, and an improvement in the value of your home should you decide tto sell your home.
    Our customers are number one, and we show them with our Monitorinig and Rewards Programs.
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