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HOLDER, Inc., Security Integration Systems delivers whole house intercom by M&S systems. When you think intercom, most people think of "tinny" sound and inconsistent performance.... Not any more!
Today, home communications can deliver true sound for music and voice. Elegant and sophisticated acoustical systems that deliver concert quality sound throughout your home, they also ensure peace of mind with enhanced security and room monitoring features.
With our M&S systems you can even integrate your stereo to allow you to play CDs or tapes or even distribute the sound of your TV throughout the home.

Choices? Holder offers 6 different paging systems from M&S. Options include varying styles of room stations, outdoor speakers, a compact disc player or cassette tape player.
You can't be everywhere at once- even in your own home. But with an M&S communication system you can hear what's going on anywhere in your home. A baby's cry, a child's call - you hear it instantly and can respond just as fast. A M&S system also means that your family can hear you - call them to dinner, tell the kids to keep it down, answer the door.... All this without having to chase everyone down. Now that's convenience.

Quality in all we do.

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