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Building a new home? Have an existing hardwired system in your home?
HOLDER, Inc., Security Integration Systems can monitor most existing systems already installed in homes and businesses. We can also build a system to fit your new homes and give you expansion space for future needs. In addition to security, we offer our customers a full line of structured wiring for homes that "future-proofs" your home with up to date Telco connections and cabling for satellite TV or distribution of audio/video throughout the home. Ask us for a free quote on your new home, or for activating your monitoring on your existing system. See what Holder can do for you today.

NEW! Holder universal voice system -- Add economical intercom to your home. The following functions are value added convenience features:

  • Add up to 7 stations --
  • Speakerphone -- answer your phone from any station
    • transfer your call to another inside station
    • Hands free conversation on incoming phone calls
    • Supports call waiting
    • Broadcast the ringing of your phone over the stations
  • Hold a private conversation between two stations
  • Broadcast to all stations
  • With an outdoor station, answer the door without opening it to strangers
  • Any station can become a baby monitor
  • Security messages enunciate over the stations with a 4286 module